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Educational Audio on the Spirituality of Carl Jung

"This book goes beyond helping one to understand alcoholism and the dysfunctional family. It also helps to describe the need for a 'new profession' of therapy that is beyond the profession of medicine. It has been my experience that people who have spiritual experiences often tell me that neither doctors or ministers have been able to help them understand these experiences. Karen is a new breed of therapist who is dealing with a vast range of experiences, which have enormous impact on people's lives. I highly recommend her book."

Dr. Raymond E. Moody, Jr., author of "Life after Life" and "Life After Loss."

Author Karen Herrick, a practicing clinical therapist in Red Bank, NJ, explains that she learned through Jungian and Transpersonal Psychology that psychological problems must be understood "as the suffering of the soul that has not yet discovered its meaning, and that healing depends on a deep experience of spirit." She relates how her own problems growing up in a dysfunctional family and then with two failed marriages motivated her to specialize in dysfunctional families, alcoholism, sexual abuse, eating disorders, grief, dissociation and spirituality issues. Much of the book deals with alcoholism - its causes, its effects on family members, and its stages of recovery, the final stage being the genesis stage, a spiritual stage, in which one learns to transcend past traumas.

Herrick tells of her own spiritual awakening that resulted from a mystical experience. "What is so wonderful about becoming spiritual and working in the therapy field is being able to be truthful," she writes. "When you take a step back and watch the way most conversations work, it is the honest conversations that are truly the spiritual ones. When you find people with whom you can truly be honest and they are truly there with you in this honesty, you've found a spiritual paycheck."

Michael E. Tymn, Editor of The Searchlight, Published by the ASPSI


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